About Us

Since 2012, Pureblades has always striven to bring the fun back into collecting to create a safe place for collectors, and regulars alike to gather together and celebrate our shared culture. Founded on the core belief that no one medium is better or cooler than another, we’ve done away with the usual Blade store business model and done our best to carry a wide array of products, ranging from Knives ,  video games Posters, Anime Accesories , statues and busts, Battle ready swords, etc. 

From Batman to Zelda, we’ve got it all… and we’re always expanding!  You never know what you’ll find, but it doesn’t stop there! 

We’ve also worked to diversify the types of ART that we hold beyond just the traditional comic book store  or Gallery.  Our chief goal is to cultivate our community of loyal customers and friends and give people a place to surround themselves in the comfort of a group of people who feel the same way; enthusiastic. It’s that passion for the source material that leads us all into collectors and it’s what we hope to convey in everything that we do.