A spear is a step up from the club. Sharpen the end of an aligned stick about five feet long. Harden this point in a fire. It does not take a lot of practice to get fairly accurate throw a spear. I do not suggest whipping a knife on the end of the stick as then you position to possibly lose the knife if something goes wrong, like a missed shot or if white goes with the spear.
The spear is the major military weapon since ancient times as it can be used in close and distance fights. A lancer has to be agile, flexible, fast and steady

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Grim Reaper Monster Scythe Grim Reaper Monster Scythe

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King Leonidas Spartan Spear King Leonidas Spartan Spear

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Spear with Wood Shaft Spear with Wood Shaft

$65.00   $39.95

The Warrior Spear Sword The Warrior Spear Sword

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