Greek Helmets


The old Greek term is actually used to describe various styles of helmets that were developed during the 8th and 7th centuries, BC, and used by soldiers throughout the Mediterranean for several hundred years.These helmets were generally designed to protect the bones of the forehead, nose and cheek during the battle, and were built in one piece bronze. During the battle, these helmets are knocked on the faces of the soldiers for protection against arrows and swords in hand close to hand combat situations. You then slide the Greek helmet back on his head during the non-battle situations.


300 Spartan Antique Helmet 300 Spartan Antique Helmet$210.00   $145.00

300 Spartan Helmet 300 Spartan Helmet$245.00   $165.00

Achilles Troy Helmet$150.00   $99.95

Achilles Troy Helmet Achilles Troy Helmet$185.00   $125.00

Black Trojan Greek Helmet Black Trojan Greek Helmet$195.00   $155.00

Corinthian Helmet Corinthian Helmet$175.00   $120.00

Corinthian Helmet with Plume Corinthian Helmet with Plume$175.00   $120.00

Corinthian Helmet with Red Plume Corinthian Helmet with Red Plume$175.00   $120.00

Gladiator Deluxe Helmet Gladiator Deluxe Helmet$125.00   $79.95

Greek Barbute Helmet Greek Barbute Helmet$135.00   $89.95

Greek Brass Helmet Greek Brass Helmet$135.00   $89.95

Greek Corinthian Antique Helmet Greek Corinthian Antique Helmet$120.00   $75.00

Greek Corintian Helmet with Plume Greek Corintian Helmet with Plume$175.00   $120.00

Greek Spartan Helmet Greek Spartan Helmet$225.00   $150.00

Greek Trojan Helmet Greek Trojan Helmet$175.00   $120.00

Greek Troy Helmet Greek Troy Helmet$185.00   $125.00

Greek Troy Helmet with Red Plume Greek Troy Helmet with Red Plume$225.00   $150.00

Spartan Medieval Helmet Spartan Medieval Helmet$175.00   $120.00

Trojan Armor Helmet Trojan Armor Helmet$185.00   $125.00

Troy Armor Helmet Troy Armor Helmet$175.00   $120.00


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